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  • The parent of a future beginner band member, please click on the "Future Band Members" tab at the top
  • The parent of a current beginner band member, please click on the "Beginner Band" tab above for tips and advice on purchasing or renting your band member's first instrument.  
  • Seaching for supply lists for your band member's instrument, click on their band's tab above.
  • Looking for articles on band or videos on how band a music can help you child, check out the "Reading Room" and "Audio and Video" tabs and pages.  There you will find articles on how to become a better musician and videos on why music and learning to play an instrument are important.  
  • Looking for upcoming performances, events, and deadlines, check out the "Performances and Deadlines" on the left.  It lists all of the important deadlines for forms and orders.  It also has all of the confirmed Legacy Middle School Band performances listed.  Please make sure you have these on your calendar so your band member is at each one.

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